Performance Management Training Programs

Performance Management Training

iHR Australia’s Performance Management Training is designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors whose role requires them to monitor employee performance and deliver feedback. This training will assist participants to build effective teams, manage issues before they become problems and improve organisational performance.

The face-to-face programs include Managing Team Performance, Performance Management Appraisal Meetings and Professional and Courageous Conversations. iHR Australia also offers the Coaching on Performance program via eLearning.

Performance Management
Performance Management

Training Topics

  • Components of performance management;
  • Setting meaningful expectations;
  • Evaluating and identifying performance/issues;
  • Effective feedback techniques;
  • Establishing possible causes of any performance issues;
  • Appropriate resolution activities; and
  • Legal considerations and procedural fairness.
  • The performance review development (PRD) cycle;
  • Planning and preparation for the PRD discussion;
  • The appraisal meeting process;
  • Assessments and giving feedback;
  • Dealing effectively with poor performance and sensitive issues;
  • Common assessment deficiencies;
  • Pitfalls to avoid;
  • Development plans; and
  • Setting objectives.
  • Elements of a ‘Professional and Courageous’ conversation;
  • Manager’s Role in Improving Performance;
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback;
  • Preparing for your ‘Professional and Courageous’ conversation; and
  • Conducting your ‘Professional and Courageous’ conversation.

Training Courses

  • All
  • eLearning (Online Training)
  • On-site Delivery
  • Public Delivery
  • Virtual Delivery
Coaching on Performance

Coaching on Performance

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Managing performance

Managing Everyday Performance

This full-day workshop will help participants to build the competence and confidence to effectively manage staff performance within the workplace....

Performance Feedback Essentials

This workshop will help participants comprehend and plan for giving feedback to effectively manage staff performance within the workplace. The...

Professional and Courageous Conversations

This program aims to equip managers and leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively address difficult, conflict-ridden situations and...

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Locations and operational area

iHR Australia has facilitators and consultants who deliver services all around Australia, with the added capability of delivering some products via a virtual platform. Please contact us to find out more.

Optional services

With our comprehensive Human Resource experience and capability iHR Australia is frequently engaged to assist in the provision of mediation, coaching, counselling and associated training services that may be required. If your organisation has any specific requirements, please contact us to make an enquiry.  Now about iHR Australia's Workplace Investigations and Mediations