iHR Australia's signature method Workplace Reality Theatre


 A signature feature of all iHR Australia’s workplace training solutions is the use of our unique training method – Workplace Reality Theatre. This effective method incorporates professional actors into our training programs, to re-enact workplace situations based on real situations. The scenarios featured in the re-enactments have been specifically chosen for each program, to highlight common workplace behaviours. This allows those taking part in the training to observe the problems being discussed and to connect the scenarios and behaviour to their own work environment.

These live performances highlight the subtlety in behaviours, such as body language, gestures and tone of voice. These important elements are clear to the audience. This level of detail assists the facilitator to explain and demonstrate desired behaviour and good practice, in comparison to examples of poor behaviour.

This popular and engaging feature of our training has proven to be a powerful learning tool. It makes the training relatable because participants are faced with situations they recognise and have a desire to learn about them. Participants also get the chance to practice what they’ve learnt, helping them to feel prepared to manage any future issues they will face in their own workplace.

Click on the videos below to watch examples of Workplace Reality Theatre:

Adult Learning Principles

iHR Australia blends well-researched adult learning principles into the delivery of our training courses. This ensures our workplace training programs are designed to achieve maximum engagement and transfer of knowledge. These include:

Active learning - Encouraging discussion, participation and interaction with actors to ensure participants are engaged in learning.

Multi-sense learning - We support visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners with a range of stimuli to make sure every participant gets the most out of our courses.

Primacy and recency - To ensure participants are focused on the primary goal of the training, we cover the key points and takeaways in the first and last parts of our sessions and 'chunk up' information into mini sessions, to aid retention.

Feedback and reward - Relevant responses are validated by facilitators. Participants are kept informed of progress through the learning path and are given the opportunity to ask questions and explore an area more deeply.

Practice and repetition - Regular summaries encourage retention, while physical participation also allows adult learners to absorb the utmost level of information and learning.

Meaningful material - Using Workplace Reality Theatre and case studies makes the training relatable, participants are faced with situations they recognise and have a desire to learn about.

Holistic Learning - The content of our programs sits in logical frameworks and participants are reminded how lessons fit into the big picture and how the training will benefit them in their roles.