HR Support

First class human resource (HR) and workplace relations (WR) expertise on tap for organisations with no or limited HR support.

We're here for the professional organisations and employers who need:

> effective human resource and workplace relations support focused on more than just compliance to Fair Work requirements.

> to develop and implement human resource strategies that drive productivity, well-being and higher retention rates with their people.

Our HR solutions are customised to suit many business models including franchise/multiple-site arrangements for a range of sectors including:health, high end retail, mining and resources, commercial and financial, engineering, federal, state and local government, high end manufacturing, legal, not-for-profits and state and federal judiciary systems.


We provide:

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HR Pol and Proc

Workplace relations advice and support

Get ongoing on call advice during business hours regardless of how complex the circumstance.

HR Pol and Proc

HR Policy & Procedures

Some organisations have no HR Policies, while others have documents that are available but not easy to put into practice, outdated and/or non-compliant.

IHR Australia’s updated HR Policies and Procedure Manual can be customised for your organisation so that HR Policies can be understood and followed by both employees and their management

HR Pol and Proc

Human resource health checks and audits

Check the health and maturity of your human resource systems to identify gaps and opportunities.

Audit your current policies, procedures and practices to ensure they are up to date, compliant and relevant. 

Employer Advisory

Employment Contract Advice

It is not uncommon for employment contracts and other formal arrangements to contain errors which are not discovered until later.

IHR Australia’s employment contracts are drafted to suit your organisation’s specific needs and requirements to provide legally binding, risk mitigating approach to the employment relationship.

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On Call HR Advice & Support

Human resource management is a broad field encompassing workplace relations, employee support, learning and development, strategy as well as safety and well-being. The truth is that no individual can be an expert in all areas.

At IHR Australia we provide a team to support an Organisation and every team member is a subject matter expert in a particular HR area of the Employee life cycle. They work together to bring a seamless outsourced HR solution.

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Conflict management solutions including mediations and investigations, conflict resolution strategies and complaints handling processes

Get help implementing appropriate solutions and processes for your organisation. If a matter escalates, our team of appropriately qualified workplace Investigators and mediators are able to conduct independent and highly effective interventions when allegations of inappropriate behaviour surface. 

WP Relations

HR Compliance Training

Organisations have a responsibility to explain the laws, regulations and practices that govern the workplace. Failure to do this makes it more likely that the organisation will face fines and payouts if the employment relationship goes wrong.

IHR Australia has created compliance training programs that ensure employees understand all the relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies that provide governance over the organisations most vital assets – People. This training comes in the form of eLearning (highly cost effective), virtual online or face to face programs

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Enterprise Agreement Advice

An organisation can spend years building trust with their employees only to find that it gets destroyed in a matter of days when EA negotiations become heated and cumbersome.

IHR Australia’s experienced EA negotiators work with clients to achieve an outcome that is in the interests of the organisation and its people. Furthermore, they are there to assist with some of the challenging industrial roadblocks that may be experienced along the way.

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HR Consulting & Strategy

HR strategy has become increasingly important, especially given how difficult it is to recruit and retain suitable talent.

IHR Australia’s Consultants use contemporary strategy to build roadmaps for organisations to optimise productivity, while retaining and developing the organisations most vital assets – its People