Developing leaders

This training workshop is aimed at managers and team leaders with a minimum of three years’ managerial experience, wanting to drive better outcomes through their people. The focus of the workshop is to provide managers and team leaders with tools and techniques to develop strategic thinking, effectively drive workplace change, and promote collaboration and innovation, and ethical decision making.

Using our signature Workplace Reality Theatre’ training methodology, participants will observe, analyse and practice techniques portrayed in the workplace scenarios.

About this program

Designed for

Experienced managers, supervisors and team leaders


Face to face, Virtual. 


Full day session

Maximum participants


Course content

  • The differences between a manager and a leader.
  • Strategy and the ‘bigger picture’ – how to align to a plan and cascade goals to your team.
  • Different leadership styles and how to adapt your leadership style when required.
  • How to manage aspects of change within your team.
  • How to build team engagement through collaboration, innovation and motivation techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the responsibilities and influence of leaders in building cultures that drive accountability, build capability and inspire team members.
  • Understand the requirement to both lead and manage, to be successful.
  • Demonstrate the thinking required to set the right direction for the team, align goals and delegate.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tools available to make ethical decisions.
  • Distinguish between situations where different styles of leadership may be required.
  • Understand the key considerations of how to lead and manage change within the team.
  • Recognising the importance of finding the right reward and recognition design for your team.
  • Understand the factors that promote collaboration, innovation and motivation in the workplace
  • Discover how to influence your team and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes.

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