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Workplace training with professional actors is not a new concept. But, it is proven to be an extremely effective and powerful training approach that we refer to as the 'Workplace Reality Theatre'.

Our training method has a sound reputation among government agencies, organisations from a wide range of industry types such as health, education, mining, technology, judicial, retail, and professional services, and not-for-profits as it is memorable, impactful and provides a long-term return on investment.

By utilising professional actors, our experienced facilitators with relevant industry experience guide the participants through the course content.

All our workplace training sessions use the 'Workplace Reality Theatre' training methodology.


  • Our actors are professionally trained

  • Our actors are based locally

  • Our actors perform live in both face to face and virtual sessions

Why we use actors for workplace training.

Workplace training topics often include complex and nuanced content that that may be difficult to comprehend in order to implement a culture change in an organsiation. 

It is imperative that you invest in learning and development programs that provide an an engaging learning experience to guide participants on how to handle real workplace situations with confidence and a deeper insight.

The best part is our actors do the work to bring workplace scenarios to life while you observe.

After the roleplay is over, you get to discuss strategies, practice and take new techniques to implement in your workplace.

These live roleplays highlight the subtlety in behaviours, such as body language, gestures and tone of voice. These important elements are clearly demonstrated to the audience, which enables facilitators to expand on and recommend desired behaviour and good practices in the workplace.

It makes the training more relatable as you may have encountered similar situations, increasing your willingness to participate and learn more about how to handle these situations. As a participant, you also get the chance to practice what you've learnt, which prepares you to manage any future issues in your own workplace.

Scenarios are unique to each program.

The scenarios featured in the roleplays are meticulously crafted for each program with an intent to highlight common workplace behaviours and patterns. This allows participants to observe the problem, formulate strategies, and react to the situation with a well-informed perspective.

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