Workplace Investigations

iHR Australia is a leading provider of independent workplace investigation services to organisations dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

We provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. We are experienced in dealing with complaints from operational to senior executive and board level, including liaising with unions involved in representing parties who have made a complaint.

Our independent workplace investigations are not limited to dealing with matters of evidence but can also provide insight into underlying causes of the complaint. Such as lack of capability, cultural issues, process failures and high risk management styles.

All iHR Australia workplace investigators are highly skilled, senior HR and Workplace Relations professionals, with a minimum of 15 years’ experience. A number of team members also hold relevant industry legal qualifications.

iHR Australia does not however provide investigation services relating to fraud, workers compensation or conduct surveillance activities, or interview children.

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When to initiate a Workplace Investigation?

When a complaint is made about alleged harassment, bullying or discriminatory behaviour, an informal response is not appropriate. Employers can be held vicariously liable for harassment and bullying behaviour, so it is essential that a complaint be handled well.

Each workplace investigation is different, depending on the nature of the allegation and the organisation, and requires different approaches and methodologies.

When to use an independent Workplace Investigator?

Your organisation may need to initiate a workplace investigation if:

  • The matter could not be handled objectively if addressed internally, or the organisation does not have suitable skills or resources available
  • Your in-house HR person feels uncomfortable or unable to undertake the investigation process objectively
  • The investigation involves senior employees
  • The outcome of the investigation will probably be subject to external review
  • It is required of your organisation by a third party such as WorkCover, WorkSafe or an insurer.

Our proven approach

Workplace investigations conducted by iHR Australia are fair, impartial, prompt and thorough. We deliver our findings in a written report, which provides insights into underlying causes such as lack of capability, culture and management style.

iHR Australia's approach to conducting workplace investigations is as follows:

  • Identify

    We clearly identify the allegations and clarify the written Terms of Reference with our client.

  • Review

    All relevant organisational policies, procedures and codes of conduct, professional standards, relevant industrial instruments and employment contracts are reviewed. We also identify and review material legislative obligations.

  • Verify

    Make other inquiries to verify information put forward as fact including but not limited to the interviewing of the relevant individuals

  • Seek advice (if required)

    Obtain and evaluate advice from appropriately qualified experts on technical matters (if required)

  • Report

    Write a detailed investigation report making findings as to whether, on the balance of possibilities, the allegations are made out to the required standard of proof.

  • Optional Services

    Optional services include recommendations on relevant management and systematic / operational issues and advice in cases of false, vexatious or misconceived allegations

  • Debrief

    A thorough debrief is provided to our client and/or other parties, as directed by the client, on completion of the report.

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