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Cultivate a positive and compliant workplace culture with our support services in human resources and workplace relations tailored to your need

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HR Workplace Training

Roll out your culture and compliance strategies with the help of our memorable training

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Workplace Investigations

Receive specialised support dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

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workplace mediations

Workplace Mediation

Have an independent and impartial third party facilitate discussions and mediate cost-effective and efficient solutions to tension and problems between colleagues.

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Being a business owner doesn’t mean you have to be experienced in HR  and people management. With a continually changing employment landscape, keeping up to date with your compliance and obligations can be daunting.

We can save you time, money and resources with our diverse range of consulting and advisory services - allowing you to focus on your business.

Our public training courses are a perfect choice if:

  • only a few people at your organisation need training,
  • you don't have the space to do the in-house training,
  • you want to experience and assess the session first before rolling out to the rest of your organisation,
  • you want to meet, network and share experiences with attendees from other organisations, or
  • it's for your own personal development.

Upcoming sessions

Workplace Investigations Officer Training

Tue, 3 October


During this workshop, participants will be guided through the key principles of conducting a lawful workplace investigation, focusing on unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.

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Stepping Up: Frontline Managers Training

Wed, 18 October


This workshop is aimed at the first time or inexperienced Manager to provide them with skills, insights and tools to be able to confidently take on the role of the Manager.

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Contact Officer Training

Thu, 19 October


This workshop focuses on the importance of the Contact Officer role and provides participants with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the role responsibilities, particularly when dealing with allegations of bullying and discrimination.

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Complement your learning and development strategies with a suite of necessary eLearning modules for your Learning Management System (LMS).

Our content is developed by human resources and workplace relations experts using animations to illustrate recognisable workplace behaviours and situations.

All programs are customisable and include interactive exercises and assessments that are designed to engage participants and reinforce learning.

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Executive team

Meet the people who have shaped iHR Australia and continue to make it Australia’s leader in workplace training and HR solutions.

Eileen Walsh

Director of Professional Services

As iHR Australia’s Director of Professional Service, Eileen expertly oversees iHR Australia’s project management, quality control and account management services and teams.

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John Boardman

Director Workplace Relations / Subject Matter Expert

John is iHR Australia’s Director of Workplace Relations and has an extensive background in human resource management and industrial relations.

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Stephen Bell

Managing Director

Stephen is the Founder/Managing Director of iHR Australia, a leading expert in human resource capability modelling and an accomplished facilitator and coach.

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