Complaints Handling

Refine or build a robust workplace complaints handling process.

Every organisation in Australia must ensure their approach to handling complaints of inappropriate and unlawful workplace behaviour (discrimination, harassment and bullying) is both professional, effective and legally sound. Your organisation’s complaint handling systems must not only provide a logical and lawful pathway to resolve complaints, but also a framework that is accessible, fair and safe.

The iHR Australia team have many years of experience conducting workplace investigations, inquiries and mediations. We are perfectly positioned to help your organisation with its approach to complaints handling. We provide three discreet services to provide comprehensive support in this critical area.

For immediate advice

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System Assessment

Designed by iHR Australia's expert team, our Complaints Handling System Assessment will measure the effectiveness of your organisation’s approach to this very legal and sensitive area. This confidential process will assess your current process against six key criteria:

  1. Is it lawful? Is it fair and just for all parties?
  2. Is it accessible?
  3. Is it understood?
  4. Is it adequately supported by relevant systems and practices?
  5. Is it valued and trusted?
  6. Is it leading to satisfactory outcomes?
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The Assessment

An iHR Australia investigations expert will provide a concise Assessment Report that rates your organisation’s complaints handling approach against the six criteria as well as providing evidence to support the findings. The key elements included in the assessment are:

  1. Employees’ knowledge, willingness and confidence to use the processes to make a complaint.
  2. An organisation’s approach and capability to provide a safe and lawful process for handling complaints/allegations.
  3. The capability of HR or relevant managers to handle complaints/allegations.
  4. The capability of the organisation to reach effective/best possible outcomes.
  5. The current risk factors impacting workplace culture and the existence of associated behaviours.
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Consulting Support

Our highly experienced team can provide you with practical advice on all matters related to complaints handling in the workplace. Whether you are looking to implement a new complaints handling system, wanting to refine your approach, or need urgent advice on a workplace discrimination, harassment or bullying matter our team is always there to support your organisation.

iHR Australia only provide highly experienced consultants who thoroughly understand the legal and cultural complexities of this field.

Training Solution

This program Masterclass - Managing Internal Complaints, designed and delivered by our experts in workplace training, will assist participants to refine their understanding of exactly what effective complaints handling approaches look like and how they should be used. The session will not only focus on system efficacy, but also factors that are critical to ensuring that people are more likely to utilise the complaints handling processes when they really need to.

Featuring iHR Australia’s renowned Workplace Reality Theatre approach this is an ideal session for Human Resource professionals, senior managers or other interested professionals who wish to learn about and discuss one of the most critical human resource management challenges of our time.

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