Your business advisory partner in Human Resources and Workplace Relations for organisations with Australian and New Zealand based teams. 


Why choose us

With iHR Australia, you are choosing a business partner that:

  • Understands that your approach to people matters needs to be appropriate to your business objectives and desired workplace culture.

  • Values proactive leadership to cultivate positive workplace culture.

  • Ensures that you are not just compliant with employment laws but continue to stay in touch with your business and people.

  • Guarantees a commitment to understand your business to provide tailored advice and support to fit your businesses’ needs.

  • Utilises the expertise of a highly qualified and supportive team of Australian based senior consultants with over 20 years of industry experience.

  • Understands HR regulatory compliance relevant to your business, industry, and location.

iHR Australia is not affiliated with an employer association or government agency. We operate with the highest level of integrity and ethics to provide independent advice in the best interests of your organisation. We have partnered with a large variety of organisations from a range of industries - including but not limited to - all levels of government, not-for-profits, large enterprises right through to startups.

What we do

iHR Human Resources Services

HR consulting

Helping organisations mitigate risk is an essential part of what we do. iHR Australia offers a range of flexible HR consulting and advisory services for both private and public sector organisations. 

By taking a holistic approach we help organisations to build sustainable solutions and adopt best practice in addition to meeting legislative compliance.

iHR Investigations Human Resources

Independent investigations

iHR Australia is a leading provider of workplace investigation services to organisations dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

We provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations.

iHR Human Resources Mediations

Workplace mediations

Workplace mediation is a dispute resolution technique used to solve issues and achieve positive, ongoing working relationships.

If an issue occurs in your workplace, iHR Australia's workplace mediation team can help to defuse situations and provide effective solutions. 

iHR Australia Training

Workplace training

iHR Australia provides workplace face-to-face and online training solutions across a range of topics including leadership, anti-bullying and people management.

iHR Australia also offers customised training, allowing organisations to benefit from content and delivery targeted to participants’ level of knowledge and circumstances.

Areas of expertise

Anti discrimination, bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment)

Leadership, performance and management

Mental health, wellbeing and psychosocial safety

Complaints handling, conflict resolution and inappropriate workplace behaviour

Development and implementation of HR and workplace relations compliance, function and initiatives

How we do it

Understand organisation

Audit and evaluate

custom solutions

Design solution

Sustainable solutions

Embed and monitor


Review and reinforce

  • We mentor by nature

    • Supportive and understanding
    • Experienced business coaches
    • Independent and unbiased

  • We know your business

    • Variety of industry experience
    • Australia and New Zealand based consultants
    • Local knowledge

  • We are not a call centre

    • A single contact person
    • Direct access to expertise
    • Preferred contact method

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