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During this workshop, participants will be guided through the key principles of conducting a lawful workplace investigation, focusing on unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Workshop participants will work with a facilitator, a senior investigator and two actors. Using our signature Workplace Reality Theatre training method, professional actors perform real workplace situations to bring the learning experience to life. Participants will observe, analyse and practice techniques which focus on the sensitivities and requirements of specialist workplace conduct investigations.

About this program

Designed for

Current or potential workplace investigation officers


Face to face, Virtual. 


Full day session

Maximum participants


Course content

  • Key legislation and guidelines relating to workplace conduct.
  • Key legal principles relating to workplace conduct.
  • Investigation overview and key considerations.
  • Role and attributes of workplace investigators.
  • Key challenges in investigating workplace conduct.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand responsibilities under Federal and State legislation in relation to unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment, and how these impact an individual’s rights, workplace risk strategies and organisational policies.
  • Be able to articulate the key principles of running workplace investigations into sensitive workplace conduct matters.
  • Conduct investigative interviews using a methodology appropriate to workplace values and natural justice.
  • Be familiar with the rights of different parties, key aspects of the investigation process and key challenges associated with workplace conduct investigations.
  • Execute a legitimate decision-making process based on the balance of probabilities.
  • Make legitimate decisions about next steps once allegations are found to have substance.
  • Make decisions about information released to those directly involved in a matter.

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