Strategic policies and procedures that ensure compliance and enhance your employer brand  

HR policies and procedures are the foundation work required to align your workplace to relevant governing laws. Furthermore, HR policies and procedures can reflect the purpose of your organisation. A strategic policy or procedure is a living document designed with your business’ objectives in mind, as well as the needs of your employees and your workplace culture.

Key HR Policies

Icon illustrating policies and procedures and how they connect to one another
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Computer, Internet and Social Networking Policy
  • COVID-19 Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy and Termination of Employment Policy
  • Equal Opportunity, Sexual Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Performance Management and Development Policy
  • Personal Grievances Policy
  • Providing Professional References Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Request for Flexible Working Arrangements Policy
  • Remote Working and Working from Home Policy
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment Policy
  • Time in Lieu Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy

What we can help you with

When you are time or resource poor, lack the necessary inhouse expertise or simply need a sounding board – iHR Australia can help. We can:

  • Assess and audit the health and maturity of your HR function and identify gaps and opportunities in your current HR policies and procedures. This includes evaluating the alignment between your organisation’s policies and procedures and desired workplace culture.

  • Design (or rewrite) state-of-the-art policies and procedures to ensure that they are not only compliant with Australian employment law (i.e. the Fair Work Act, the WHS Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards) but also align with your business’ objectives, are agile, flexible, tactical and must address the unique needs of your workforce.

  • Oversee (or assist with) the implementation of HR policies and procedures across your organisation. This includes advising on all change management considerations associated with a redesign or update of policies and procedures.

  • Coach, train and mentor executives, HR professionals and leaders on how to reinforce and monitor the effectiveness of HR policy and procedures.

Who is this for?

Any organisation serious about aligning their policies and procedures with their key business outcomes and desired workplace culture.

We work with many organisations from a range of industries including public companies, federal, state and local government bodies and private organisations across all states, territories, and regions of Australia and New Zealand.

iHR Australia is not affiliated with an employer association or government agency. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients' needs.
We operate with the highest level of integrity and ethics to provide independent advice in the best interests of your organisation.

How we do it

  • Audit and evaluate

    Our approach is to:

    • Determine relevant awards, employment laws, contracts and deep dive into your organisation’s objectives, culture and practices.
    • Evaluate alignment of policies and procedures to business outcomes and desired workplace culture.
    • Highlight areas of excellence and identify gaps, improvements, and opportunities in your current structure and practices setup. 

    The audit will form the basis of our recommendations to tailor the right solution for your organisation.

  • Design

    We design (or re-design) your policies and/or procedures based on the audit recommendations and provide you with implementation strategies and formats that are appropriate to your organisation’s employer brand.

  • Embed and monitor

    We work with your internal teams to embed the policies and/or procedures to have critical impact. We can facilitate training to ensure your updated policies and procedures are clearly communicated to the entire organisation.

  • Review and reinforce

    We coach and assist your internal teams to build review and reinforce practices to ensure the policies and/or procedures remain up to date and relevant to your business and people in the event of a future incident or complaint.

Why choose us

With iHR Australia, you are choosing a partner that:

  • Understands that your approach to people matters needs to be appropriate to your business objectives and desired workplace culture.

  • Values proactive leadership to cultivate positive workplace culture.

  • Ensures that you are not just compliant with employment laws but continue to stay in touch with your business and people.

  • Guarantees a commitment to understand your business to provide tailored advice and support to fit your businesses’ needs.

  • Utilises the expertise of a highly qualified and supportive team of Australian based senior consultants with over 20 years of industry experience.

  • Understands HR regulatory compliance relevant to your business, industry, and location.

Our pricing structure

Our pricing structure is customised and based on the type of expertise you need.

One-off purchase

Purchase our standard templates to develop inhouse.

Service as needed

Pay by the hour based on number of hours the project needs.

Service on retainer

A monthly retainer fee based on the number of hours you regularly need.

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