Workplace interventions Training programs

iHR Australia's Workplace Interventions program suite consists of Contact Officer Training, Workplace Investigation Officer Training, and Workplace Mediation Skills Training.

These programs detail what steps may be required following allegations, complaints or issues brought forward in relation to matters of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, depending on the method needed to resolve these matters.

Who is the training for?

  • Executives, board members and senior leaders,
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders,
  • General team members and contractors.

Where is the training held?

All programs can be delivered virtually.

For face to face sessions, our programs can be delivered in all states, territories and regions of Australia and New Zealand at your workplace. We also coordinate training for regional and remote locations.

Many of our programs are also available as public sessions in case you have small numbers.

Can training be customised?

Yes. All programs can be customised on request and we can also facilitate new programmes using our 'Workplace Reality Theatre' training methodology. Customisation will incur additional fees.

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Training programs

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  • Face to face
  • Virtual
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Contact Officer Refresher Training

To review the role and responsibilities of a contact officer and the skills to be an effective contact officer. In…

For: For existing contact officers
Delivery: Face to face, Virtual.
Duration: Half day session

Contact Officer Training

Contact officers are the ears of an organisation  A contact officer network is a sign of a mature organisation –…

For: For newly appointed or potential contact officers
Delivery: Face to face, Virtual.
Duration: Full day session

Professional and Courageous Conversations Training

This program aims to equip managers and team leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively address difficult, conflict-ridden situations….

For: Managers, supervisors and team leaders
Delivery: Face to face, Virtual.
Duration: Half day session or full day session
preliminary assessment

Workplace Investigation Officer Training

During this workshop, participants will be guided through the key principles of conducting a lawful workplace investigation, focusing on unlawful…

For: Current or potential workplace investigation officers
Delivery: Face to face, Virtual.
Duration: Full day session

Workplace Mediation Skills Training

In this program, iHR’s facilitator and expert Senior Workplace Relations Advisor will guide participants through the key principles of conducting…

For: HR professionals, managers, supervisors and team leaders
Delivery: Face to face, Virtual.
Duration: Full day session

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