Workplace Interventions Training Programs

iHR Australia's Workplace Interventions program suite consists of Contact Officer Training, Workplace Investigation Officer Training, Workplace Mediation Skills Training and Managing Workplace Confilct.

These programs detail what steps may be required following allegations, complaints or issues brought forward in relation to matters of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, depending on the method needed to resolve these matters.

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Training Courses

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Contact Officer Refresher

To review the role and responsibilities of a Contact Officer and the skills to be an effective Contact Officer. In...
contact officer

Contact Officer Training

In this program, participants will recognise the importance of the Contact Officer role and develop an understanding of the role’s...
managing workplace conflict

Managing Workplace Conflict

This program will provide a highly engaging, dynamic and practical experience to build knowledge and skills in resolving conflict between...

Masterclass – Managing Internal Complaints

Addressing employee discrimination, harassment and bullying complaints quickly and fairly is essential for all organisations. A well-designed and run process...
workplace investigations

Workplace Investigation Officer Training

In this program, iHR’s facilitator and expert Senior Investigator will guide participants through the key principles of conducting a lawful...
workplace mediations

Workplace Mediation Skills Training

In this program, iHR's facilitator and expert Senior Workplace Relations Advisor will guide participants through the key principles of conducting...

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Optional services

With our comprehensive Human Resource experience and capability iHR Australia is frequently engaged to assist in the provision of mediation, coaching, counselling and associated training services that may be required. If your organisation has any specific requirements, please contact us to make an enquiry.  Now about iHR Australia's Workplace Investigations and Mediations