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This workshop provides executives and board members with an opportunity to reflect on the leadership, frameworks and systems that support effective and defensible governance, reduce the risk of harm, and have a positive impact on workplace culture, in relation to workplace sexual harassment.

About this program

Designed for

Executives, board members and senior leaders


Face to face, Virtual. 


2 hour session

Maximum participants


Course content

  • The link between leadership behaviour, workplace culture and sexual harassment.
  • Discuss the different forms of workplace sexual harassment.
  • Emerging risks and trends to guide making risk aware choices and appropriate decisions in the workplace.
  • The impact of unmanaged issues on direct and vicarious liability, productivity and performance and culture.
  • Organisational responses and considerations for executive, board and senior leadership teams.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how sexual harassment is experienced in the workplace and the role of organisational culture in preventing and effectively responding to workplace sexual harassment.
  • Understand the impact (financial, brand and cultural costs) that unmanaged and/or poorly managed issues can have on employer brand, continuity of operations, staff morale, retention and attraction of staff.
  • Understand what constitutes risky and unlawful behaviour in the workplace, in relation to sexual harassment.
  • Understand Australian and industry insights into key risk factors and applying an intersectional lens in developing workplace culture strategy and policy.
  • Determine the leadership, frameworks and systems that will support effective and defensible governance, actively reduce the risk of harm, and have a positive impact on workplace culture and performance.
  • Review existing policy and practices in place to prevent, monitor and respond to sexual harassment and the specific implications for the executive and senior team.

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