Psychosocial safety

This program provides an overview of these new legal requirements and translates them into practical guidance for preventing psychosocial risks at an organisational level.

What makes our training stand out? 

Psychosocial risks impact an employee’s mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, however these risks are hard to measure in comparison to physical risks.

Our brand-new program on psychosocial risks challenges this notion to better equip leaders with the practical skills to support employees and foster a healthier workplace. We believe at its core, a workplace culture that prioritises safety and health builds a thriving workforce.

Using our signature Workplace Reality Theatre training methodology, participants receive feedback from our psychologist on how to assess issues appropriately and implement techniques, support and resolution strategies.

About this program

Designed for

Executives, Board members, Senior Leaders and HR professionals


Face to face, Virtual. 


2 hour session

Maximum participants


Course content

  • A practical summary of the intent, principles and key elements of the new psychosocial legal obligations, customised to the state(s) your business operates in.
  • Definition of the psychosocial risks defined by Australian safety regulators’ codes of practice.
  • Facilitated discussion to help identify the psychosocial risks most likely to be present in your business and industry.
  • Practical techniques for consulting with employees to identify psychosocial risks.
  • The psychosocial risk assessment process, and how to tailor it to your business, budget and workforce.
  • The impacts of psychosocial risks on employee health, wellbeing, performance and productivity
  • The return on investment from addressing psychosocial risks.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the responsibilities to identify and manage psychosocial risks.
  • Understand the psychosocial risks most likely to be present in their organisation and industry sector.
  • Learn how to develop a psychosocial risk assessment process suitable for their business and workforce.
  • Learn the organisational and team-level interventions that build a productive and psychosocially safe workplace.

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