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iHR Australia’s mediators are specialists in assisting parties to explore their conflict in depth, think about options, consider alternatives and decide on the best way to move forward in a controlled and safe environment.

Our professional workplace mediation services are delivered by trained mediators, who have extensive experience conducting mediations within a range of organisations and industries.

Parties will be asked if they would prefer for mediation to be conducted on site or at a neutral location away from the workplace.

iHR Australia understands that disputes involve people who can be responding emotionally to sensitive issues. Accordingly our approach to mediation is consultative and tailored for each situation.

Dr Verena Marshall, PhD

Senior Workplace Relations Adviser / Facilitator

Verena specialises in workplace investigations, mediations, and training.

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Karen Hermann

Senior Workplace Relations Adviser

Karen Hermann is an experienced workplace relations legal practitioner and a nationally accredited mediator, with a background working for leading private law firms, industry associations and government departments at Federal and State level.

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Kate Sykes

Senior HR Consultant/Facilitator

Kate Sykes is a senior HR and business leader with a demonstrated history of working in professional services, health and defence sectors.

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Marie Irwin

Senior Workplace Relations Adviser

Marie has worked in the field of workplace relations and employment law for more than twenty years with ASX100 companies, trade unions and major law firms in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Paula Bruce

Facilitator/Senior Workplace Relations Adviser

Paula Bruce is a workplace dispute resolution expert. Since 1999, she has worked conscientiously to support organisations achieve conflict resolution both through models of early intervention such as mediation, education and collaboration and by providing workplace behaviour reviews/audits and investigations when necessary.

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Steven Booker

Consulting Psychologist/Facilitator

Steven Booker is an experienced business and counselling psychologist with a combination of mental health, HR and employment law knowledge that has helped many organisations and managers resolve, mediate, investigate and crisis manage complex mental illness, stress, conflict, organisational change and workplace critical incidents.

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