Inquiries and Assessments

An inquiry is used to assess workplace dynamics. Inquiries are conducted if it is suspected that underlying tensions exist between colleagues. Or to identify if inappropriate behaviours may be taking place, before the situation escalates and a formal complaint is made. iHR Australia’s services are objective, independent and rigorous.

iHR Investigations Human Resources
iHR Investigations Human Resources

When an  Inquiry or Assessment is the right response

Your organisation may need to initiate an inquiry or assessment if:

  • You suspect that underlying tensions or inappropriate behaviours are at play
  • If you suspect a matter could escalate, then you need to act
  • The matter cannot be handled objectively internally, or your organisation does not have suitable skills or resources available
  • Your in-house HR person feels uncomfortable or unable to undertake the process objectively
  • The matter involves senior employees
  • The outcome of the inquiry will probably be subject to external review
  • It is required of your organisation by a third party such as WorkCover, WorkSafe or an insurer.

iHR Australia’s Investigation services

iHR Australia conducts workplace inquiries and investigations in an integrated and holistic manner. Our investigations examine specific allegations as well as also factors such as leadership style, workplace culture, organisational skills or operational issues.

All of our investigators are highly skilled in managing stakeholders in what can be emotional and sensitive situations. They provide comprehensive reports that include evidence, findings, observations and recommendations.

iHR can also review your internally conducted workplace investigations and provide advice or recommendations. This service can help ensure internal workplace investigations are sound and will stand up to external testing.