Workplace training for all your employees

We deliver our training in a way that makes an impact so you get the best return on your learning and development investment.

Our programs are run by experts in their respective fields along with professional actors to create a truly unique, engaging and memorable learning experience. Our signature training method is called 'Workplace Reality Theatre'.

Who is the training for:

  • executives, board members and senior leaders,
  • front-line managers, supervisors and team leaders,
  • general team members and contractors.

Where is the training held:

All programs can be delivered virtually.

For face to face sessions, our programs can be delivered in all states, territories and regions of Australia and New Zealand at your workplace. We also coordinate training for regional and remote locations.

Many of our programs are also available as public sessions.

Areas of expertise

iHR Icons-Anti-discrimination-Bullying-icon

Anti discrimination, bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) training

Learn the meaning and principles of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying in the context of new laws on positive duty and psychosocial safety.

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iHR Icons-Leadership-icon

Leadership, performance and management training

Learn what it takes to make a good leader. Leadership roles are important for organisations to get right in order to develop a good team culture and improve business results.

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iHR Icons-Health-management-icon

Mental health, wellbeing and psychosocial safety training

Designed and facilitated by psychologists, our mental health, wellbeing and psychosocial safety workplace training is available for both manager and general employee levels.

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iHR Australia Training

Handling complaints, conflict and inappropriate behaviour training

Learn how to handle incidents, allegations or disputes regarding bullying, harassment, and discrimination though various types of workplace interventions - including how to conduct an investigation, mediation and training for contact officers.

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Our public training courses are a perfect choice if:

  • only a few people at your organisation need training,
  • you don't have the space to do private in-house training,
  • you want to experience and assess the session first before rolling out to the rest of your organisation,
  • you want to meet, network and share experiences with attendees from other organisations, or
  • it's for your own personal development.

Upcoming sessions

Complement your learning and development strategies with a suite of necessary eLearning modules for your Learning Management System (LMS).

Developed by human resources and workplace relations experts using animations to illustrate recognisable workplace behaviours and situations. All programs are customisable and include interactive exercises and assessments that are designed to engage participants and reinforce learning.

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