Test your knowledge of workplace legislation with iHR Australia's end-of-the-year quiz!

Workplace legislation quiz

Significant changes to Australia’s workplace relations laws have continued to challenge HR professionals and leaders over the past year. While some laws, such as Fair Work’s updates on unpaid parental leave policies or Safe Work Australia’s guidance to managing psychosocial hazards have been extensively discussed by industry experts, we believe a few regulations may have slipped through the cracks.

Here’s your shot at testing your knowledge of workplace legislation with iHR Australia’s end-of-year quiz!


Learn what our five HR experts believe will be the top workplace challenges in 2024!

Where to from here?

We understand the challenges both leaders and employees face in the wake of a new year.

To help organisations navigate the uncertainties of work, we have a range of workplace training and free resources that can assist in levvling the process:

Workplace training on key topics:

  1. Custodians of Culture: Anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment
  2. Leadership, performance and management
  3. Mental health and well-being
  4. Workplace interventions

HR support services:

  1. Outsourced HR solutions to help your HR departments
  2. Develop policies and procedures that matter
  3. On call employer advisory to support small and medium-sized enterprises

Workplace interventions:

  1. Preliminary assessments
  2. Mediations
  3. Investigations

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