Anti-Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

Available through both Face-to-face and Virtual delivery

Through iHR Australia’s Workplace Bullying Training in Anti-Discrimination and Harassment, organisational members will understand the importance of getting team culture right to help mitigate workplace risk with proper EEO (equal employment opportunity) practices.

Participants will learn how culture and patterns of unreasonable behaviour, such as workplace bullying, can impact the organisation’s ability to defend itself against allegations of discrimination and harassment.

By training its members in EEO, an organisation is better equipped to effectively manage issues of workplace bullying by role modelling the right behaviours, which are exemplified in the training through the use of actors.

These programs will detail the cultural and financial impact that discrimination, bullying and harassment issues have on the business, which in turn impacts daily operations and the company brand.

In this training, the meaning and principles of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying will be detailed for participants and the importance of effective policies and procedures will be highlighted.

Training Courses

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Custodians of Culture: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Board and Executives

This program will provide a highly engaging and thought provoking experience to explore behaviours that may build risk and cause…

For: Board Members, Directors and Executives

Delivery: On-site Delivery, Virtual Delivery. Duration: 2 hours

Custodians of Culture: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Managers

Our workplace discrimination, Bullying and Harassment training for managers emphasises that managers and senior leaders are the custodians of an…

For: Managers, team leaders, supervisors

Delivery: On-site Delivery, Public Delivery, Virtual Delivery. Duration: Face to Face: Full Day or Half Day (excludes skills practice component). Virtual: 3 Hours
Respect in the workplace

Respect in the Workplace: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Employees

It is important that your staff understand the principles of equal employment opportunity and anti-bullying legislation, as well as the…

For: General staff and contractors

Delivery: On-site Delivery, Virtual Delivery. Duration: 2 hours
Evolving obligations

Workplace Sexual Harassment – Evolving Obligations

Our workplace sexual harassment training emphasises that all managers and employees need to understand their responsibilities in contributing to a…

For: Managers, team leaders, general staff and contractors

Delivery: On-site Delivery, Virtual Delivery. Duration: Face-to-face/Virtual: 2 hours

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