iHR Australia Custodians of Culture: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Board and Executives

This program will provide a highly engaging and thought provoking experience to explore behaviours that may build risk and cause harm in the workplace, and explore your crucial role as custodian of your organisation’s workplace culture. Real stories will be incorporated and brought to life by our professional facilitation and acting teams.

Designed for

Board Members, Directors and Executives

Course delivery options

On-site Delivery, Virtual Delivery.  Learn more about our training delivery options.


2 hours


Course Content

Topics addressed include:

  • What does inappropriate and risky behaviour look like?
    Understand what constitutes risky and unlawful behaviour in the workplace, particularly in relation to bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  • How are things changing?
    Review emerging risks and trends to guide risk aware choices in our governance actions and decisions in a modern workplace.
  • Why should we care?
    Appreciate the impact that unmanaged issues can have on direct and vicarious liability, productivity and performance, culture, employer brand, personal reputation, health and safety, and retention and attraction of employees.
  • What fuels risky behaviour and is it happening in our workplace?
    Identify risks factors that may exist within your organisational, leadership and individual attributes (particularly relating to the power of workplace culture) and the prevalence of any inappropriate or unlawful behaviours.
  • What level of risk are we comfortable with?
    Review your appetite for risk in achievement of short and long-term objectives, taking balanced consideration of both “what” is achieved as well as “how” it is achieved.
  • What must we do to demonstrate due diligence?
    Determine the leadership, frameworks and systems that will support effective and defensible governance, actively reduce the risk of harm occurring, and have a positive impact on workplace culture and performance

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should:

  • Understand the background and spirit of Australian legislation relating to Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination.
  • Appreciate the impact that unmanaged issues can have on organisations, teams and individuals, and the liabilities and responsibilities of senior leaders.
  • Identify factors that can contribute to the risk of inappropriate behaviours occurring and actions that can support prevention and resolution of issues.
  • Make decisions in achieving objectives that are consistent with the desired risk profile of the organisation.

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