Anecdotal ‘case study’ – how a business could benefit from the HR Audit


Why a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous

Many small to medium sized businesses are created from a great idea. This idea becomes a start-up and eventually develops into a successful business.

Sharon Olsson, iHR Australia’s Strategic HR Consultant, says, “I have many small to medium sized clients who create a business because they are excellent at what they do, but they often know very little about HR.”

Let’s take one of Sharon’s clients, the owner of small manufacturing business with 5 staff, as an example…..

The owner was great at the day to day running of his business, but he realised that he and his team were HR ignorant. “We knew a little bit about HR but we were unaware of the implications of non-compliance in matters like policies and awards.”

“By receiving support and advice, we were able to quickly address our issues. We now have systems that work for us in our environment. And we are safe in the knowledge that our team is now aware of our procedures and policies.”

“iHR Australia’s HR Health Check gives business owners the peace of mind that they’re compliant and protected, so they can focus on what they’re good at,” Sharon says.

Make sure your business is protected. Organise a HR Health Check today.

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