Introducing the HR Health Check

hr health check

How healthy is your organisation’s HR?

We are proud to introduce iHR Australia’s HR Health Check Service. We have created this new service to help organisations assess the health and maturity of your HR and identify any gaps in your current HR system.

Don’t have an HR department? Don’t worry. We will review your systems and processes to ensure everything is in order.

The health assessment focuses on:

  • Key HR Policies and Procedures, Agreements and Contracts
  • Look at Award Compliance and Clarification

You’ll receive an easy to understand, two page health summary of your organisation’s HR health.

What makes iHR Australia unique?

We have all the expertise you need under the one roof! You get exclusive access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, Industrial Relations expertise and even employment lawyers.

Not having the right policies and awards in place can be costly.

Make sure you’re compliant.

Submit an enquiry by taking our HR Health Quiz.