How can an organisation encourage complaints in the workplace?


In this week’s Culture and Complaints Series, we explore how to encourage complaints in the workplace with Paula Bruce, Senior Workplace relations Advisor.

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There are a number of elements that an organisation can put in place to encourage employees to feel comfortable and confident to make a complaint if an issue has occurred.

The first is to train managers to be good listeners. It’s important for managers to listen carefully and make sure they fully understand what is being relayed to them about the experience of the person reporting the complaint.

How else can an organisation encourage complaints in the workplace?

  • Create a culture of trust and respect
  • Have models of early intervention in place
  • Offer education or training to all staff about the early intervention models
  • Organise a session for HR staff to talk about what they will do when a complaint is raised. In that session, everyone’s responsibilities can be outlined
  • Ensure employees understand what confidentiality means when raising a complaint

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  1. System Assessment
  2. Consulting Support
  3. Training Solution


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