Investigation Report Key Statistics: Edition 1

Key Stat May

iHR Australia conduct independent investigations for a wide range of organisations. Through this work, we have compiled a collection of statistics to track trends in the workplace. These key statistics give valuable insights into areas of concern that can influence your business.

Paula Bruce, Senior iHR Australia Workplace Relations Advisor, provided some insights into this concerning statistic.

“Often, I think, others are aware that something is wrong – it is my experience they don’t usually define the behaviour and are not usually in a position to do so.

“Sometimes others experience similar behaviour however they may think they are the only ones and may be dismissive if it is a ‘one off’.

“Separating or isolating the complainant/victim from others, is commonly a part of sexual harassment behaviour.

“Emails and phone calls can contribute to sexual harassment and they are usually personal and private.

“Education helps build awareness and understanding.” iHR Australia provides the training program Workplace Sexual Harassment: Evolving Obligations

Definition of Sexual Harassment – ‘The making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situations.’

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