Are your employees on the right awards?

employee awards

Did you know that award rates change fairly regularly? What about the fact that you might need more than one award within your organisation? For example, are you across the annualised wage agreement relevant to your award? What about the Clarks Award/Miscellaneous?

Are you confused yet?

Often businesses with a smaller number of employees may not be aware of changes to awards and how it affects their business. iHR Australia’s HR Specialist, Sharon Olson says, the risk of having incorrect awards and pay rates is huge.

“I worked with a client and we had to go back nine years of back pay and super, not to mention the huge fine the business received from Fair Work Australia because they had been using the wrong award.”

“Fair Work audits ALL industries and the penalties are VERY costly. For example for a body corporate the fine could be up to $63,000.

“Employers don’t always understand or know they’re underpaying their staff. If it’s wrong, it’s backdated from the time when the wage has been underpaid.”

It’s your responsibility to ensure all your staff are on the right award and the right pay rates.

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