iHR Australia Masterclass – Managing Internal Complaints

Addressing employee discrimination, harassment and bullying complaints quickly and fairly is essential for all organisations. A well-designed and run process enables you to identify ways to improve workplace practices and policies, increase staff morale and productivity, retain talent as well as helping you avoid complaints escalating to external agencies and/or legal action.

This workshop uses a mix of emerging industry practice, practical application strategies and Workplace Reality Theatre to help participants analyse and apply the key principles required to lead a sensitive, ethical and defensible complaint process.



Designed for

Managers, Leaders, Supervisors and Human Resource Professionals

Course delivery options

On-site Delivery.  Learn more about our training delivery options.


Half Day


Course Content

  • The role an effective complaints management process plays in mitigating organisational risk and building a respectful workplace culture
  • Components of a good internal complaint process
  • Managing the initial contact and early resolution strategies
  • Establishing formal resolution processes
  • Managing process outcomes
  • Helping all parties in the process to move forward

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain an insight into how workplace culture and patterns of unreasonable behaviour can impact both an individuals and an organisation’s ability to defend themselves against complaints
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of effectively managing discrimination, harassment and bullying complaints
  • Understand key legal principles and organisational factors which help shape an effective complaint process
  • Learn how to manage the initial contact process
  • Appreciate the importance of effective complaint triaging and develop a depth for understanding of informal and formal resolution options
  • Understand the critical factors in effectively supporting all parties in the complaint process
  • Understand how to manage outcomes, including how to work with parties to move forward after a complaint resolution