DVL Leaders 2

by Alan Colvin

In business change is the only consistent. As leaders, we are all being asked to initiate and implement change – change to head towards our company vision, change through innovating and improving, or maybe change to eliminate cost and do more with less. The issue is, research shows that most change efforts fail – and organisations don’t achieve their stated objectives. Why is change so difficult to implement?

There is not a simple answer – if it was easy anyone could do it. But there are some simple principles that will increase your chance of success.

  • Follow a change management methodology
  • Ensure you have leadership advocating change to provide energy and direction
  • Ensure you communicate, communicate, communicate from start to finish
  • Understand the employee reaction to implement change and how to effectively manage this
  • Understand where change resistance will come from and develop plans to overcome
  • Get the right people in the right roles
  • Learn from previous change and don’t make the same mistakes twice


iHR Australia is introducing a new one-day course called “Developing Leaders”. During this course you will learn about initiating leading and managing change. To complement change, the course will also cover the thinking required to set a vision or direction for your team. It will cover what drives and deters teams to collaborate and innovate, as well as how to make ethical decisions. Lastly it will address some key aspects of your personal leadership – what leadership style suits what situation, how to best delegate to suit your leaderships style, how to influence people plus how to build a reward and recognition program that will motivate your team.

No one can sit still in business. No business can sit still and have continued success. You need to build a culture of innovation and drive the change effectively. Let us teach you how.

Read about our Leadership and Management Training or enquire about In House Delivery for “Developing Leaders”. This program is also available through iHR Australia’s Public Training sessions.

About Alan Colvin – Senior HR Consultant / Facilitator

With over 26 years experience in roles across Finance and Administration and HR, Alan has amassed extensive experience in managing people and teams in large multi-national organisation environments.

Alan is a practical and common sense HR Executive with a passion for the power that proper People Management and Leadership can deliver to an organisation. He has a particular interest in developing and facilitating workshops on leadership, soft skills and HR topics that enhance workplace culture and capability.

As an accomplished HR professional, Alan has expertise across the full human resources function including designing and embedding major workplace cultural change, performance management, change management, talent acquisition and retention, succession planning and employee engagement programs.

Alan holds a Bachelor of Economics, Business/Managerial Economics and Certificate IV in Workforce Training and Assessment and has held senior leadership roles for over 13 years.

In addition to ‘Developing Leaders’, Alan has also developed ‘Stepping Up – Front Line Managers Training




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