eLearning: Working with Mental Ill-Health

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What the experts say:

Colleagues should be supportive and understanding if they are aware of a mental health challenge. It is important to consider where that person is on their journey before deciding on a specific action. Whatever action taken,  ensure the person with the challenge of their confidentiality and privacy.
– Dr Leigh Hodder – Senior Workplace Relations Adviser/Consulting Psychologist / Facilitator

“Having genuine concern for our colleagues and looking out for their health (both physical and mental) is a good foundation for responding to an employee who is showing signs of mental-ill health.

Colleagues should respond with respect and thoughtfulness. Prepare how you will approach the conversation. Explain what you have noticed about them, ask if everything is ok and whether there is anything you can do to support them. You do not need to fix their problems, but you can support them to make adjustments and/or access resources. Listen without judgment and interruptions.

Having the conversation about mental-ill health breaks down stigma and promotes positive well-being practices.
– Dr Kathryn Gilson – Clinical Psychologist / Facilitator

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