Kirsten Hartmann

Senior Workplace Relations Adviser/Workplace Investigator

Having worked across a broad range of industries, including Airlines, Government, Schools and Universities, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Sports, and Aquaculture, Kirsten brings a wealth of experience. She has held long-term consulting positions and provided comprehensive advice on HR/IR matters, covering areas such as:

  1. wage compliance, payroll practices and management of enforceable undertakings
  2. futureproofing your business to be wage compliant
  3. employment law, case management
  4. contract development and review
  5. policy development
  6. strategic planning
  7. dispute resolution
  8. management mentoring; and
  9. investigations of workplace incidents

From undertaking large-scale investigations into HR/IR compliance issues to proactively implementing structural and policy changes, Kirsten has significantly reduced the potential of negative outcomes in matters presented at Fair Work. She has also garnered accolades for successfully negotiating and mediating enterprise agreements, achieving win-win results for both employers and employees.

Kirsten’s early career achievements and work include successfully managing multiple change management programs, receiving an Award from the Department of
Premier and Cabinet in innovation and an Award for Benefits Management.

Kirsten Hartmann