A fathers reflections, a daughters work life

fathers wish for daughters workplace

In celebration of International Women’s Day and in the context of the very public claims of sexual harassment, iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell shares his feelings about his daughter finding her way to a professional career.

fathers wish for daughters workplace

I wish for my daughter…

  1. A workplace where she gets judged, recognised and rewarded based on her ability and that she does not have obstructions placed on her by inappropriate and unwelcome behaviours or gender bias.


  1. A workplace culture where she feels supported in all aspects of her work life and that if she feels uncomfortable she can discuss her feelings with either her manager or parties directly involved, without fear of being victimised.


  1. That she has the confidence to say ‘no’ when questionable behaviour makes her feel uncomfortable. That she understands that attraction is a natural human emotion, however, that this does not mean one is obliged to consent to the advances of another if the feeling is not mutual – even if the other is a manager.


  1. That she doesn’t ever feel hopeless in relation to dealing with a workplace sexual harassment issue. She trusts the systems and the people who deal with any issues that she might encounter. That she respects natural justice and the rights of others even if she feels wronged by them.


  1. That she can experience great love wherever that might come from. Even if it is born in the workplace. On the other hand, if her great love, or simply a sense of attraction, involves another from her workplace, that she respects the impacts that this may have on others around her and the reputation of herself and the other person involved.


  1. That she is generally engaged with her workplace and never comes home feeling worse off.


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