Steven Booker

Consulting Psychologist/Facilitator

Steven Booker is an experienced business and counselling psychologist with a combination of mental health, HR and employment law knowledge that has helped many organisations and managers resolve, mediate, investigate and crisis manage complex mental illness, stress, conflict, organisational change and workplace critical incidents.

Initially Steven was a Psychologist at Chandler Macleod Limited focused on employee selection, change management, learning and development, career guidance and outplacement. He requalified as an employer lawyer and worked in that field for 10 years, developing a specialisation in helping employers manage issues related to mental health and wellbeing at work. He is the co-author of the Portner Press “Mental Health at Work” guide for managers and HR professionals.

Although he enjoyed practicing law, Steven chose to take a more positive psychology approach to resolving workplace issues and started his own psychology practice in 2009. He also contracts to iHR Australia.

Steven has helped a wide range of clients with distressed, in conflict, ill and injured workers. His focus is on helping employees and employers resolve situations with empathy, fairness and non-discriminatory outcomes. He does this by providing a mixture of training, coaching, mediation, employee counselling, proactive advice to managers, critical incident management, outplacement, team building, and cultural/team reviews.

An engaging public speaker and trainer, Steven has been invited by many large and small clients to design and facilitate sessions on managing mental health in the workplace and positive psychology topics such as building resilience, work-life balance and related wellbeing issues. A highlight from recent years was Steven’s provision of mental health in the workplace training to Google in Sydney.

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