To post or not to post?

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iHR Australia’s Workplace Investigations increasingly suggest that irresponsible use of social media is a high risk factor for Australian organisations.

iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell, believes that uncontrolled postings, ranging from unintentional publication of confidential information to pictures from the organisation’s work functions can place the reputation of organisations and individuals at risk.

With seasonal celebrations already underway, HR professionals must ask “Have we made the organisation’s expectation  regarding social media postings at organisational functions clear?”

“Having and communicating a clear social media policy or approach for such events, is one action that may help protect brand and also the personal and professional lives of employees.”

Stephen Bell suggests that organisations will have their own level of tolerance for such matters, with some organisations even encouraging participants of the Christmas party to post experiences.

“Even if this is the case, there should be clear guidelines on what’s okay and not okay.”

iHR Australia’s “Responsible Use of Social Media” program can be customised to reflect the range of different tolerances organisations have regarding social media use.

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