iHR Australia Poll: Age Discrimination

age discrimination poll

Previous Poll Analysis

Last week, we proposed the following statement to respondents:

Managers and supervisors in your workplace are generally well positioned to manage conflict between team members.

The results were as follows:

True – 24%

False – 71%

Other – 5%

An overwhelming 71% of respondents felt that Managers and Supervisors in their workplaces were generally not positioned well to manage conflict between team members.

The response reinforces Dr Leigh Hodder’s position that a degree of employees lack the confidence to personally manage conflict.

Most critically, this result highlights the need for organisations to effectively train their Managers and Supervisors in conflict management.

Dr Leigh noted that “Conflict that is poorly managed or ignored is a significant contributing factor in the departure of up to 50% of employees.’

iHR Australia’s newest face-to-face program, Managing Workplace Conflict is specifically designed for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors. This inhouse workshop provides participants with the skills, processes and confidence required to effectively assist parties in conflict to reach resolution.