Huge gaps in HR policies and induction programs identified

HR policies

Prior to the pandemic, around 30 percent of Australian workers regularly worked from home. That figure is now over 40 percent, and growing. The hybrid model of working from home and office is, most likely, here to stay.


Many employers are facing the dilemma of how to move forward in this ‘new normal’ work environment, including how to help leaders work with employees to balance flexibility with operational needs, maintaining team culture and how to keep people connected with each other and the organisations changing needs.


It is also a period of great opportunity to:


  • Induct, re-induct and to re-engage staff
  • Re-focus on building a positive work culture
  • Explore new ways of managing the mental health of staff; and
  • Refresh the team around some new and some existing policies and procedures


iHR has been partnering with organisations and leaders through this period, and have identified three key themes:


  1. The suite of HR policies and processes, especially those related to working from home, have an opportunity to be updated.
  2. There is an opportunity to re-engage staff as they re-enter workplaces in regards to updated policies and new expectations in regards to work practices.
  3. Staff and leaders need support and development are in relation to the work culture and the new style of work environment.


According to iHR Australia Managing Director Stephen Bell omissions in HR practices and training are likely to lead to further confusion and disengagement in an already tenuous work-life and talent environment.


“Organisations need to have a well thought out approach to counter the challenges and inconsistencies of the new world. Their professionalism and compliance as an employer is demonstrated through quality HR policies, processes and practices.


I highly recommend that all employers review and update their HR policies and processes and then provide a “re-induction /re-engage” programs that not only focuses on the policy piece, but also the cultural implications and opportunities of this new way of working.”


iHR Australia provides an HR Health Check as well as a range of other HR support and face to face, virtual and e-learning training solutions to assist organisations to transition and to update staff induction programs.


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