Employees are getting braver at dobbing in their employers


Ever since the significant media coverage of celebrity chef George Calombaris underpaying his staff, employees have become more forthright about dobbing in employers who aren’t paying the correct wages.

The Made Establishment empire, co-owned by George Calombaris, which included a dozen restaurants and employed 364 permanent and casual staff, collapsed as a result of a $7.8 million wages underpayment scandal and other significant financial debts.

This high profile case made such an impact that Fair Work Australia introduced a new award – the Annualised Wage Allowance.

iHR Australia’s Strategic HR Consultant, Sharon Olson says, “This is a prime example of why it’s so important to ensure your staff are on the right awards and you’re paying them the correct amount.”

Not having the right policies and awards in place can be costly!

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