Contact Officer

Contact Officer Training

After attending iHR Australia’s Contact Officer Training programs, participants will be fully trained in all aspects of their role. Also known as Equal Employment Opportunity Contact Officer and Anti-Bullying Contact Officer, this program is delivered over one full day.

One of iHR Australia’s most popular training programs, this course is available for onsite delivery and is also available as a public program.

Contact Officer Training is also delivered as a refresher program. The training can be delivered in a half day format for experienced Contact Officers who need an update on course content and what is required of them in their role. The half day refresher program is delivered on-site making it ideal for organisations that require multiple employees to attend.

Participants what behaviour is expected of the Contact Officer; how to deal with allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace; the federal and state legislation that relates to the role; and their own potential strengths, as well as potential areas for development.

What the training will cover:

  • What constitutes discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace;
  • Function and jurisdiction of the Contact Officer;
  • ‘You the person’ and being a Contact Officer;
  • Role modelling non-discriminatory behaviours;
  • Objectively handling equal employment opportunity issues face-to-face;
  • Advising employees and contractors on their rights and options when an issue arises;
  • Equal employment opportunity case studies;
  • Dealing with emotional issues;
  • Mapping and role-playing issues resolution; and
  • Opportunity to partake in practical exercises.

Training Delivery Options

The below table shows the courses currently available at iHR Australia.

Training Delivery

Face-to-Face Training

iHR Australia's face-to-face training uses Workplace Reality Theatre, where professional actors re-enact real workplace situations. This unique teaching methodology utilises storytelling and role plays to illustrate typical workplace behaviours. Participants find this highly engaging and helpful in discussing their thoughts and feelings, which in turn highlights core concepts and encourages learning. This methodology enables participants to recognise some elements in their own behaviour.

On Site Delivery

iHR Australia delivers its Contact Officer Training Australia-wide, including capital cities and regional towns. Our expert facilitators travel around the country as required to deliver Contact Officer Training at your site location and can customise the program to individual workplace requirements.

Public Training

Organisations can register participants in our Public Training programs. Contact Officer Training is delivered in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth, as well as regional hubs.

Our Public Training also provides the opportunity to network with other like-minded participants. The diversity of the training group allows for an interesting range of perspectives and experiences to be shared. Lunch is also provided during the day for participants in Contact Officer Training.