iHR Australia Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

This program will provide a highly engaging and dynamic experience to build a basic awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace. Our Psychologist will provide practical approaches for dealing with issues and alongside our actor will bring real situations to life.

Designed for

Employees and Managers

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2 hours

Mental health 3

Course Content

What is mental health and mental ill health?
Identify and discuss the differences between mental health and mental ill health, mental health statistics for Australia and our mental health industry framework.

What are the common indicators of mental ill health?
Identify common indicators of mental ill health and how these might impact on performance or conduct.

What are my employers’ responsibilities? What are mine?
Understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of the employer and the employee.

How far does confidentiality extend?
Understand privacy, confidentiality and qualified privilege requirements.

How can my workplace assist me?
Identify key resources and strategies that my employer can offer me to support me to meet the inherent requirements of my role, for a period of time.

What should I do if I am concerned about my mental health or that of another employee?
Identify key resources and strategies that I can implement on behalf of myself or another employee. Prepare to have a confidential disclosure conversation with a manager.

How can I enhance my mental health?
Establish a basic understanding of resilience and how this relates to mental health.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should:

  • Understand employee and employer responsibilities;
  • Understand privacy, confidentiality and WHS obligations;
  • Understand how to communicate about mental illness;
  • Identify strategies to support other team members;
  • Identify internal and external support resources.
  • Identify ways to improve well-being and the ability to cope with challenges.

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