Rugby Champion v The organisation


Where is the appropriate place for organisations to draw the line on employees expressing their views? Australian Rugby icon Israel Folau’s recent controversial social media post ‘warning’ that among others ‘hell awaits’ for homosexuals has highlighted the challenge on organisations. Is it the organisations business to monitor and potentially take action in relation to the personal social media postings of its people? Making the Folau issue even more high risk was the fact that other iconic athletes such as Gary Ablett Jr and Matt Kennedy actually liked the post.

Rugby Australia ultimately decided to terminate Folaus contact. This has led to subsequent arguments relating to the notion that religious beliefs are a protected attribute under discrimination laws just as are a person’s sexual preferences.

Over the next few weeks we will post iHR Australia experts’ opinions on the matter, but today we want to know what your opinion.

Today’s poll focuses on the question as to whether an organisation has the right, legally or ethically, to take action in cases where employee’s personal social media postings compromise it’s ethical or commercial position.