iHR Australia Poll: What is the morally correct course of action?

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Previous Poll Analysis

Which of the following is the most common cause of managers not dealing with poor performance in Australian workplaces?

The results were as follows:

Not stepping up due to having ‘overly matey’ relationships with staff members. 15%

Low confidence due to being under skilled in performance management techniques. – 40%

Feeling fear of the repercussions of taking action such as bullying claims or ongoing conflict with the individual. – 33%

Other – 12%

Nearly half (40%) of respondents for last week’s poll suggested that a lack of skills in the area of performance manager was the cause of managers not dealing with poor performance. This result just edged out the next best answered choice, where a third (33%) indicated it was due to managers fearing the repercussions of taking an action.

An important role for managers is dealing with performance issues, as they normally always have the responsibility to address any problems. iHR Australia Senior Facilitator Sebastian Harvey noted this in a previous article 3 Tips for Giving Feedback on Performance, which details the principles required to effectively manage everyday performance.

In what was quite a collection of ‘Other’ responses, custom answers suggested that all of the answers were appropriate, with the addition of managers either not having the time to deal with performance, or the managers avoiding potential conflict.