iHR Australia Poll: Can your leaders effectively manage conflict?

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Previous Poll Analysis

Last week, we presented the following statement to respondents:

In 2019, there is too much emphasis placed on how employees should behave in Australian workplaces. This emphasis is at the expense of other important matters.

The results were as follows:

Disagree – 72%

Agree – 25%

Other – 3%

A majority of the respondents (72%) disagreed with the statement, suggesting that in Australian workplaces behaviour is still an area for organisations to function to the best capability.

Stephen Bell, Managing Director at iHR Australia commented on the result saying ”Obviously respondents generally believe that it is worth investing time (and money) into behaviour in the workplace. The reasons for this aren’t necessarily clear but it could be that behaviour is perceived as a key driver for many outcomes in the workplace.

In our Custodians of Culture training program we present the ‘Bell Culture Model’.bell-leadership-model

This very simple diagram focuses on there being four critical outcomes of leader behaviour and team culture (pattern of team behaviour): Individual and team performance, employer brand, well being and compliance to laws and regulations.

This notion maybe widely accepted and makes behaviour a very powerful factor in the success of a workplace.”