Stragetic & Operational

Advice on Strategic and Operational HR Matters

Provide advice and coaching to executive and management teams on strategic and operational HR matters which could include:

  • HR strategy and planning;
  • Organisational design and structure;
  • Review, design and implementation of key HR processes;
  • Role design and capability;
  • Review and development of position descriptions;
  • Workforce planning;
  • Succession planning;
  • Performance management support;
  • Performance appraisal and remuneration reviews;
  • Coaching and counselling on HR matters;
  • General advice and direction to executives and management on HR matters;
  • Review and advice on remuneration/salary structures;
  • Policy review, development, implementation, advice and interpretation;
  • Management and leadership coaching and advice;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Redundancies and terminations;
  • Delivery of HR related training to managers and employees;
  • Training and development plans;
  • Conflict and team issues
iHR Icons-Employer-advisory-icon
iHR Icons-Employer-advisory-icon

Workplace Relations

HR & Workplace Relations Advisory Service

This service provides advice on a day to day basis to those dealing with Workplace Relations / HR / people-related matters at all levels (including internal HR teams or nominated managers).

This service is ideal for organisations where HR and/or management teams are under pressure to support people managers and those dealing with everyday HR issues on the ground; from performance management matters, contractual issues, leave and more complex matters, such as workplace complaints of bullying and harassment.
The service provides up to date, practical advice at the time on issues including but not limited to:

  • Performance management and performance counsellin
  • Disciplinary action, including formal and informal warnings
  • Terminations, redundancies and associated company and legislative obligations
  • Dealing with and preventing unfair dismissal claims
  • Resolving conflicts and issues between employees, including claims of bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Interventions, including Investigating grievance and complaints
  • Dealing with and preventing adverse action claims
  • Ensuring wage rates and salaries meet legislative requirements
  • Interpreting and applying contractual and award provisions
  • Understanding and applying HR policies and procedures
  • Applying leave provisions (sick, parental, carers, bereavement, annual)
  • Dealing with Fair Work Commission issues
  • General queries about employment legislation and employers’ obligations.

Advisory Process

This service can be engaged through an annual subscription, monthly retainer or a fee for service basis (i.e. “pay for what you use”/as-needs basis).

Typically, the process of this service is as follows:

  • 1

    Enquiry received

    Enquiry received by iHR Australia via telephone or email

  • 2

    Enquiry assigned to consultant

    Enquiry logged and assigned to an iHR Australia Consultant

  • 3

    Enquiry reviewed

    iHR Australia Consultant reviews the enquiry and any relevant legislation, award, policy or procedure

  • 4

    Verbal advice provided

    iHR Australia’s Consultant responds by providing verbal advice over the phone

  • 5

    Written advice provided

    iHR Australia’s Consultant confirms verbal advice in writing via email

iHR Icons-Employer-advisory-icon