Employer Advisory

Employer Advisory Service


Dealing with day to day Workplace Relations and HR matters can be time consuming and fraught with complexity and risk so it is important to have expertise on hand. However, employing a dedicated HR resource with a high level of experience and up to date knowledge to manage HR issues, ensuring matters are dealt with promptly, effectively and lawfully can be costly. iHR Australia’s Employer Advisory Service for SMEs is designed to support those dealing with HR matters at all levels. Our expert consultants provide up to date advice in line with legislation, reducing risk and saving your organisation the cost of recruiting and employing a dedicated HR resource. We provide practical advice at the time it is needed on Human Resource issues, from everyday performance management matters through to high risk sexual harassment or bullying complaints.

*Please note: iHR Australia provides advice and support to organisations and employers only, individuals and employees seeking advice should contact the Fair Work Commission by calling Phone 1300 884 687 or via fwc.gov.au


How it works


  1. Enquiry received by iHR Australia via telephone or email
  2. Enquiry logged and assigned to a specialist consultant
  3. iHR Australia consultant reviews enquiry and any relevant legislation, award, policy or procedure
  4. iHR Australia consultant responds by providing verbal advice
  5. iHR Australia consultant confirms verbal advice in writing via email
  6. An annual subscription or monthly retainer
  7. A fee for service basis – pay for what you use

Hours of operation

Our Employer Advisory Service for SMEs operates (Eastern Standard Time):

  • Monday-Friday 9am–5pm
  • Out of hours Monday-Friday 7am–9am and 6pm-7pm
  • Emergency hours 7pm–8pm weekdays and anytime Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and Christmas shutdown.


Each month we offer our Employer Advisory Service clients a report that details:

  • The number of support requests received
  • The geographic distribution of support requests received (multi-location and franchisors)
  • Categorisation of support requests
  • iHR Australia’s response time
  • Time incurred for each support request
  • Monthly comparison of statistics.

iHR Australia’s purpose-built information system can provide additional trend analysis and comparative data which can be used to identify and tackle problems.


Our Service Model

iHR Australia provides access to our Employer Advisory Service for SMEs via two payment options:

  1. An annual subscription or monthly retainer
  2. A fee for service basis – pay for what you use

Our clients identify relevant staff that they would like to access our service; this typically includes managers or those who deal with human resource matters. Relevant staff can then call or email iHR Australia for immediate support and advice. Advice is provided verbally and then confirmed in writing.

iHR Australia can also provide HR consulting services on an ad hoc basis and offers HR Recruitment, Onsite Partnering and Coaching services should these better suit the needs of your organisation.


Key Benefits of receiving Workplace Relations & HR Support

Reduced Risk

Organisational risk can be reduced by engaging experienced specialists, who provide practical advice in line with relevant legislation.

Cost Savings

Our service can offer significant savings compared to the cost of working with an employment lawyer or employing additional resources within your organisation to cope with demand.

Advice tailored to your organisation

iHR Australia designates a small number of consultants who understand your organisation and will ensure advice is in line with your organisation’s policy and practice. We deliver our advice in plain English with actionable steps and ensure advice is in line with relevant state or territory legislation. Click here for a sample written advice.

On call advice when you need it

iHR Australia consultants are on call which allows and encourages your designated staff to use them as matters arise, this in turn reduces the risk of escalation or inappropriate action being taken.

Support for busy HR departments

Reassurance for internal HR that expert advice is available, so they can focus on organisational priorities. iHR Australia can also assist in the ongoing development of staff who access the service with the provision of monthly fact sheets and articles.



What does the Employer Advisory Service include?

Our Workplace Relations support team provides up to date, practical advice at the time it is needed on high risk Human Resource issues including:

  • Conducting performance management and performance counselling sessions
  • Taking disciplinary action including delivering formal and informal warnings
  • Terminating employees
  • Dealing with and preventing unfair dismissal claims
  • Resolving conflicts and issues between employees including claims of bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Dealing with and preventing adverse action claims
  • Ensuring wage rates and salaries meet legislative requirements
  • Understanding and applying employment contracts
  • Interpreting and applying award provisions
  • Understanding and applying your organisation’s HR policies and procedures
  • Applying leave provisions (sick, parental, carers, bereavement, annual)
  • Making employees redundant
  • Dealing with Fair Work Commission issues
  • Managing employees on Workers’ Compensation
  • General queries about employment legislation and employers’ obligations


Additional services

If your organisation requires help with more complex matters that cannot be dealt with under the terms of our Employer Advisory Service agreement, iHR Australia’s consultants can be engaged on an as-needs basis. This may include onsite support and, subject to the nature of the matter, either a specialist or an HR generalist would be assigned. iHR Australia also offers training services which may be needed where gaps in knowledge and skills are identified in the general workforce or management level employees. Where complaints or cultural issues arise, iHR Australia’s range of workplace investigation services including; mediation, workplace inquiries and investigations can also be utilised.