It might seem ironic, but recruiting a human resources professional can be one of the more challenging tasks for hiring managers. There is a complex range of criteria to assess when hiring someone to take on an HR role at your organisation. Here are some of the key traits you may want to consider in HR candidates:


1. People skills

It goes without saying that anyone involved in human resources must have exceptional skills in dealing with all kinds of people.

Whether interviewing candidates for a position, acting as workplace mediator between colleagues in conflict or letting someone go, the ability to empathise with a broad span of individuals is crucial. Highly developed emotional intelligence combined with professionalism can go a long way in HR.


2. Business acumen

HR professionals must be able to combine their effective interpersonal skills with a sound knowledge of the business world and how to get results that count.

This includes an in-depth knowledge of the specific industry in which they operate and key business skills such as identifying trends, knowing which employment markets to tap into and how to turn data and numbers into tangible outcomes.


3. Efficiency and organisation

HR professionals have a full plate of work to handle on a daily basis, often spanning different departments across an organisation, therefore it is imperative they know how to efficiently manage their day, to prioritise and delegate where appropriate.

With strict deadlines to meet and the need to juggle multiple tasks at once, those in HR need to be exceptional planners.


4. Strong networking skills

Especially in a recruitment context, HR is an industry that is built on relationships and connections.

Your top HR candidates should already be able to boast an extensive professional network and demonstrate the skills to connect with the people that matter as well as maintaining important relationships with relevant people within the organisation.


5. Trustworthiness

HR is an extremely sensitive field to work in as it involves dealing with confidential information about practically everyone in an organisation.

One of the key characteristics you should seek in HR staff is therefore trustworthiness – do they possess sound ethical judgement and are they able to keep a tight lid on the most sensitive information?


Knowing what traits you are looking for is an important step but it can still be difficult to source strong candidates and find the person who will perform the role exceptionally. An HR recruitment specialist may be able to help an organisation struggling to fill a key HR position. Through iHR Australia’s “temporary to permanent” HR recruitment model, a new HR resource can be engaged on a trial basis enabling your organisation to test out their suitability before committing.

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