Conducting a one on one meeting as a Contact Officer

  1. Organise a meeting for the right time and place, and have an open mind
  2. Greet positively
  3. Allow emotional behaviour to subside
  4. Ask if it is OK for you to take notes for your own use. We must state that while the spirit of the discussion is confidential, if the health and safety of an individual is at risk we will have to “do something” about the complaint
  5. Try to define the problem”What actually happened?” Get examples
  6. If you think this is an issue of EEO or Workplace Bullying, explore your organisation’s policies and procedures available for handling the issue. If you think it is serious, encourage complainant to take formal or decisive action
  7. Agree an action plan
  8. Follow up that complainant is OK at a later date and follow up agreed actions