Workplace Investigations and Mediations

Workplace Investigations and Mediations


iHR Australia is a leading provider of workplace investigations and mediations services to organisations that are dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour. iHR provides a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. We are experienced in dealing with complaints from operational to senior executive and board level, including liaising with unions involved in representing parties to a complaint.

iHR Australia is a leading provider of independent workplace investigations and can offer many services ranging from dealing with informal complaints to conducting formal investigations.
Our team is experienced in dealing with complaints and issues at all levels of business, including conducting investigations involving senior executives and board members.
All iHR Australia workplace investigators are senior HR and Workplace Relations professionals with a minimum of 15 years’ experience. A number of team members also hold legal qualifications relevant to the industry. Our team’s experience stretches over hundreds of independent workplace investigations across a range of diverse industries and organisations.
Our independent workplace investigations are not limited to dealing with matters of evidence but can also provide insight into underlying causes of the complaint such as lack of capability, cultural issues, process failures and high risk management styles.

Workplace inquiries and assessments are used to uncover underlying tensions within teams or to investigate workplace dynamics. This process can act as an important step toward improving working relationships, addressing cultural issues and preventing formal complaints.
iHR Australia conducts workplace inquiries and investigations in an integrated and holistic manner. Our investigations examine specific allegations as well as causative factors such as leadership style, workplace culture, organisational skills or operational issues.

If you have discovered an issue in your workplace, iHR Australia's workplace mediation services can help resolve tension in a cost-effective and informal manner.
Workplace mediation and dispute resolution is a confidential and structured process used to help organisations resolve underlying issues and achieve positive ongoing working relationships.
iHR Australia offers an independent and impartial third party to facilitate discussions and mediate cost-effective and efficient solutions to tension and problems between colleagues. Successful mediation can assist your organisation in stabilising ongoing working relationships and achieve better outcomes for all parties involved.