iHR Australia Poll Question

December 6, 2019

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Previous Poll Result: November 22, 2019

In the above poll, we asked respondents the same question regarding employee engagement as our previous poll, but in this instance we asked in regards to over 35 instead of under.

The results once again suggest that culture is the most impacting factor, attributing 58%, the majority of the vote. This was a similar result to the engagement factors of employees under 35, which also produced a majority of 52%.

This idea is consistent with the Bell Model, which is detailed in the Custodians of Culture for Managers Training. As the Bell Model demonstrates, leader behaviour contributes directly to workplace culture. In turn, workplace culture effects individual and team performance.


Interestingly, the second highest category for employees over 35, reflected that job security and organisation stability was the subsequent most important factor with 33% of the vote. This was the significant difference from our previous poll. In which respondents under 35 found career and competency development opportunities to be the next most effective factor on their engagement.