HR Policies & Procedures

Well-documented policies and procedures help staff to understand how an organisation ‘works’. They also minimise legal and financial risks.

iHR Australia’s HR specialists can assess your policies and procedures to make certain they are not only compliant with relevant Australian legislation (i.e. the Fair Work Act and obligations that flow from the National Employment Standards) but are also aligned to company expectations and standards of behaviour.

Why aren’t generic policies good enough?

Generic policies probably don’t reflect your organisation’s individual requirements.They can also be ambiguous or out-of-date. Tailored policies and procedures are also tangible evidence that your organisation has taken reasonable steps to minimise business risks and unlawful practice or behaviour.

  • Our team of HR specialists can design and develop individual policies and procedures or employee handbooks specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • We set clear procedures to guide managers and employees through the practical application of policies.

How iHR Australia can help you

The scope of our Policies and Procedures service can include:

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    Reviewing Current Policies

    The undertaking of a review of your organisation's current policies, making any necessary amendments and/or providing relevant feedback on additions / deletions / amendments.

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    Design and Development

    We can design and develop individual HR policies and procedures and/or employee handbooks, to ensure they are specifically tailored to your organisation's needs and operations.

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    Briefing Sessions and Training on HR Policies & Procedures

    iHR Australia can assist with communicating updates policies and procedures to staff as well as the training of managers. As an example, this may involve a 2-hour briefing session with staff on newly implemented policies and procedures.

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    Purchase iHR Australia’s Template HR Policy and Procedure Manual/Employee Handbook

    iHR Australia has a comprehensive HR Policy and Procedure Manual Template which can be purchased for a fixed fee. 

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    Customised Template

    Optional Additional Service 1

    As an optional additional service, iHR Australia can assist organisations to customise our Template to meet your specific requirements.

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    Merge Template

    Optional Additional Service 2

    iHR Australia can adapt our Template to ensure it works with your existing policy documents to meet your organisation's specific requirements and practices.

Employee Manuals and Handbooks

A comprehensive HR policy and procedure manual/employee handbook should provide your organisation with the following policies and procedures:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Use of email, internet and social media
  • Grievances
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Return to work
  • Code of conduct
  • Gifts and favours
  • Leave provisions (including personal, bereavement/compassionate, annual, parental and long service leave)

Guidelines and Procedures Manuals for Managers

iHR Australia can develop a Guidelines and Procedures Manual for Managers. This incorporates guidelines, procedures and templates for human resources practices including:

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Induction, performance and probationary management guidelines and templates
  • Promotions and transfers
  • Role clarity (including position descriptions)
  • Performance management
  • Managing complaints
  • Terminations
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