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The Importance of Social Media Policies in the Workplace


With more than 15 million monthly Facebook users in Australia and an average of 35% of Australians using social media at work, the issue of social media and its role within the workplace is growing. As the boundaries between corporate life and private life become more blurred, employees […]

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Impacts of Domestic Violence on the Workplace


What is domestic violence and how prevalent is it?

Domestic violence is the physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, verbal and financial abuse that occurs in family, domestic or intimate relationships. iHR Australia’s Consulting Psychologist Dr Leigh Hodder says “the behaviours associated with domestic violence […]

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sexual harassment at work

Sexual Harassment: Organisational Risk Factors


Is your organisation at risk of creating a culture of sexual harassment?

Image Source: Human Rights Commission

In this article we will briefly explore five organisational risk factors that may lead to a culture where sexual harassment is […]

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bullying and harassment in the workplace

6 Actions for Reducing the Potential for Bullying & Harassment Claims in Your Organisation


By Stephen Bell – Founder/Managing Director

I really admire the research done by Monash University’s Professor Helen De Cieri in regard to workplace safety and well-being, including bullying.  Of particular interest to me is her emphasis on the need for organisations to focus on leading indicators […]

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Workplace Racial Discrimination

eLearning Built Around Racial Diversity


Following on from last week’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination & Harmony Day, iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell reflects on how eLearning built around racial diversity has a role to play in breaking barriers in Australian workplaces.

After having worked for international […]

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