What is your training deficit costing you: $28,000, $300,000 or more?

Every week, iHR Australia comments on workplace issues and many of the items we are seeing in the news can be attributed to poor management or HR practice.

Whether we are talking about the boss whose “honest mistake” led to a $28,000 back payment to a worker, the $300,000 redundancy mistake of a large bank or the human costs of workplace bullying; errors or ignorance can be costly.

Through its work with organisations providing HR support services, workplace investigations and inquiries, iHR Australia sees time and again that lack of knowledge and awareness are often contributing factors when problems arise.

Reducing the risk of mistakes being made starts with comprehensive training; especially for managers and those dealing with our most valuable resource: people. Being proactive and providing effective learning and support for staff will help to prevent problems associated with poor management and will enable staff to deal with any issues that occur.

iHR Australia is now offering new courses to help your organisation ensure managers and those with human resources responsibilities have the skills and information they need to be effective:

New and Emerging Managers

This one day workshop is aimed at the first time Manager to provide them with skills, insights and tools to be able to confidently take on their new role and responsibilities. The program will focus on how to set expectations, manage performance and provide feedback. Participants will also gain useful tips and techniques to make the transition from team member to Team Leader or Manager. The training will be brought to life by analysis and practice of engaging real-life scenarios with iHR’s professional actors and an expert facilitator using our Workplace Reality Theatre…..dates, locations and details

Human Resources 101 I HR 101

In this program, iHR’s facilitator and Senior Workplace Relations Adviser will guide participants through the relevant employment legislation, associated practices and guiding principles in relation to human resource management. This program will also focus on the role of effective HR management in meeting business objectives whilst also meeting compliance obligations. Key concepts and practices are illustrated utilising iHR’s unique Workplace Reality Theatre…..dates, locations and details

Professional and Courageous Conversations – Leadership training

This program will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to address difficult situations effectively and to confidently and professionally have appropriate discussions to achieve positive outcomes. An experienced iHR facilitator and two professional actors will re-enact real workplace situations using our unique Workplace Reality Theatre. Participants will have the opportunity to understand and practice how to have professional and courageous conversations….dates, locations and details

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