Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Agreements


iHR Australia can partner with your organisation’s internal resources by providing specialist expertise and support throughout the enterprise agreement (EA) process, also referred as enterprise bargaining agreements (EBA) or collective agreements.

iHR Australia’s expertise and advice on enterprise agreements will include guidance on current legislative requirements and obligations, industrial environment, market considerations, communication strategies with unions that have coverage and directly with staff. Engagement with employees and the securing of their support is key to successful implementation and indeed approval by the Fair Work Commission.

The nature of the negotiation of an Enterprise Agreement means that there will be certain aspects of the process which can be more accurately predicted and others which cannot, such as the time taken to negotiate an agreement in principle. Our approach is to break the process into several phases and the extent to which iHR Australia’s resources are used can be further assessed as the project develops.

iHR Australia is committed to ensuring access to timely advice and expertise but with flexibility throughout the process. iHR Australia’s partnering approach and role in the process would be as facilitator and technical adviser to nominated internal representatives.

iHR Australia could assist with any or all of the following phases anticipated in the development and lodgement of their Enterprise Agreement.

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Facilitation and Negotiation
  4. Completion and Lodgement
  5. Follow Up